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"Rarely these days do you find the sort of level of customer service that I received from Period Flooring. Top marks."

C. Rogers


Period Oak Boards – The ultimate indulgence, wide, long, beautiful floorboards. We can produce any width from 4.5” to 9” boards. Period Oak is hand picked Quercus Robur (commonly referred to as English Oak) regarded as one of the strongest species of oak in the world. It is then kiln dried or air dried dependent on your requirements, then machined to 20mm thick tongue and grooved solid boards or engineerd (backed with Birch Ply) so that they can be used over underfloor heating or concrete subfloors. These are then French Polished copying genuine time worn old boards for colour and tone so that the appearance on the surface is both undulating and worn to replicate the original. Finally we apply either wax or Acrylic laquer (yacht varnish) for use in kitchens or bathrooms, in any sheen from flat matt to high gloss. These floors require minimal maintenance even in high traffic areas, infact they are designed to gain Patina with wear unlike any other "new floor" and  as you can see from the pictures..........absolutely stunning!

Period Oak (click on picture for more images)

Period Oak new Smoked Grey