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"Rarely these days do you find the sort of level of customer service that I received from Period Flooring. Top marks."

C. Rogers


Sisal carpets and rugs can be incorporated into any interior design with so many choices of colour and pattern they can look equally as effective in a trendy apartment as in a classic farmhouse.

Sisal is a beautiful fibre produced from the dense leaves of the Agave Sisalana plant, spiky bushes which flourish only in a sub-tropical climate. The leaves are hand-picked before being crushed to extract the pure white fibres known as sisal. Hardwearing, and with excellent anti-static qualities, Sisal carpets are soft enough for bedrooms and yet tough enough for offices and hotels.

Suitable for: All over house or contract wear areas, good stain resistance, large selection of styles and colours available and good on stairs and walkways.

Segrass Panama Standard

Seagrass Herringbone Standard

Seagrass Basketweave standard

Seagrass Panama Superfine

Seagrass Herringbone Superfine

Seagrass Basketweave Superfine

Super Fine Boucle Seagrass