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"Rarely these days do you find the sort of level of customer service that I received from Period Flooring. Top marks."

C. Rogers

About us

Period Flooring have specialised in the installation of Natural Flooring  since 1987, when it was re-introduced via a keen interior design market. Since then it has become increasingly popular in trendy town houses and country retreats alike. We offer probably the largest range of Natural Flooring available from all of the leading manufacturers as well as our own, and our experienced estimators can help you decide on the right product for your particular installation.

Our extensive knowledge of fitting Natural Flooring will ensure that your job will be done as it should be and not as it could be. There are lots of different styles and colours to suit every possible installation.


Sisal is a beautiful fibre produced from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana, spiky bushes, which flourish only in sub-tropical climate.  Hardwearing, and with excellent anti-static qualities, Sisal is soft enough for bedrooms and yet tough enough for offices and hotels.

Suitable for:
All over the house or contract wear areas, good stain resistance, large selection of styles and colours, good on stairs.


Coir is made from coconut husks to create a hardwearing, rustic floor covering. A warm friendly look, very durable and is the most inexpensive way to achieve a natural, country look with a rustic feel.

Suitable for:
All over the house. Good with muddy boots etc., very hardwearing.


A complimentary range of wool carpets woven to the highest standards to match the warm colours of Natural Flooring.  These are also available mixed with sisal to produce hardwearing and unusual floor coverings.

Suitable for:
All over the house.


Seagrass has a warm friendly look, very durable and is the most inexpensive way to achieve a natural, country look with a rustic feel. Good stain resistance and fantastic in conservatories as it does not bleach in sunlight.

Suitable for:
All over the house, ideal for conservatories. Good with muddy boots etc., very hardwearing


The ultimate indulgence....wide, long beautiful floorboards. We can produce any width from 4½” to 9½” boards.  

Period Oak is all 20mm thick tongue & grooved boards which have been made by copying genuine time worn old boards so that the appearance on the surface is both undulating and worn as you can see from the pictures....stunning.    

For a more comprehensive guide to our large selection of alternative flooring please visit our Surrey showroom or contact one of our staff who will be happy to send out a brochure.

Photographic samples may not accurately represent the actual colour of Natural